"The Perfect Health" Foundation's activity-

To spread out Ayurveda's consciousness by delivering lectures ,organizing seminars and creating awareness about age old traditional medical system- Ayurveda.

To provide perfect health to the people by Ayurveda & Panchakarma with its other specialty like medicated massage, steam bath, Shirodhara, Meruchikitsa etc.

To provide Intensive Care through Ayurveda exclusively.

To develop R&D (research & development) division for the betterment and development of Ayurveda.


Facilities available in Clinic-


I.A.C.U. (Intensive Ayurvedic Care Unit)

Purification of entire body through Panchakarma-
- Vaman
- Virechan
- Basti
- Nasya
- Raktmokshan

Cardiac Rehabilitation.Congenital Anamalies And Infertility Treatment.

Chronic & Degenerative diseases' Treatment.

Ano-rectal Surgery(Piles, Fistula, Fissure etc.) through Ksharsutra.

Rasayan (Rejuvination & Immunomodulation)Therapy and Vaajikaran

(Aphrodisiac medication)Theerapy.

Purification & treatment for dermatological & Sexual illness.

Special consultancy & treatment for Depration,Tension, & Sleeplessness.

Ayurvedic Pathology.

  • Self prepared Ayurvedic medicine.